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About Joel Cage

Acoustic Rock Song Stylist

“With his treasured guitar bearing earnest timeworn character, Mr. Cage delivers a performance music lovers quest. In true artist form, Joel reverently puts his heart and soul into his music as evidenced with the onset of each song when his eyes close and, devoid of all visual distraction, he transitions from his physical space into a spiritual place - his music. His guitar skills are commanding taking you on a musical journey under constant direction of his soulful rhythm weaving artistic inflections produced only by skill and technique at the hands of time. Keeping intrigue alive, Joel interjects percussive choreography with an impassioned spirit that takes animated form working him into a sweat- an honorable sign of a soulful musician. Whether he’s delivering a raspy quality from deep within or the light-hearted easiness of natural tones, his vocal qualities lend rich substance and meaning to his repertoire of songs in full complement to his genre. Then, as if backing out of his spiritual place, Joel returns to the place he began looking pleased with his journey just taken and rendering his audience rewarded for having traveled along with him. A sound musician and entertainer in his own right, he’s a “must see”. — Elise Saad

You can’t compare Joel Cage to any other player – he stands alone. He inspires amazement. His command over his guitar is incredible – he’s an original – completely subsumed by the instrument..

When you go see Joel Cage play in a restaurant or tavern, you want to watch him as if you were at a concert .. When you do this, the hustle and bustle of the establishment doing business disappears, and you get a better view of the place from which he plays. It’s a whole different environment .. and while Joel would insist that it’s a lateral move, you can’t help but get a feeling of transcendence..

Cage on Stage:
Dedham Square Coffeehouse

When I have a chance I'll ask my friend why he came in tonight.
I mean most of my friends are usually working on a Saturday night, or have been to so many concerts that the idea of sitting in a cafe drinking beer or wine and listening to some guy play guitar and sing songs, well they just don't think it'll do it for 'em.
The place filled-up early tonight, most took the seats toward the front, but some asked if they would be able to have a conversation if they sat in the back. We told them they would be fine; we didn't tell them that when Joel Cage plays, everyone moves forward.
It's just what he does, draws you in. One man, one voice, one sixty-something year old Gibson arch-top, a sonic landscape, and a bunch of amazing songs. The folks who came in to have a conversation gave up, (in good way) and moved forward by the end of the night. It's what he does, he draws you in.
When I finally had a chance to talk to my friend he was gone, gone closer, you can't help yourself. When I have a chance I'll ask my friend why he came in tonight, But I don't have to ask him why he moved forward.
Joel puts on a show you are sure you will never see again. Every time.
— Ray Brady, Dedham Square Coffeehouse


JOEL CAGE:   A one-of-a-kind virtuoso guitarist and impassioned vocalist! Joel Cage puts on an evocative and raucous performance spanning from a full rock band sound to 'hear your own heartbeat' intimacy. Joel's performances are consistently excellent. An impassioned musician, Joel delivers artistically crafted original music, along with meeting audience requests, all of which demonstrate extraordinary guitar-playing skills only years of experience can deliver. Patrons can expect musicianship at its finest, and, when seen regularly, delight in unexpected improvisations while always preserving the integrity of the music.
The BACK ROOM at The Mill

‘Eponymous’ available now

"Ruminations of Life, Love, and Longing. Nothing but extraordinary for this New Hampshire progressive folk-singer who sat on these tremendous varied tunes for years before hatching. Multi-layered virtuoso guitar and that gentle voice turn rarefied air into solid ground." - New England Noise Magazine
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The Search For Solid Ground


An interview with Joel Cage
by Harry C. Tuniese

Once upon a time, Joel Cage was a different person, playing a different type of music, and treading another musical turf. Something happened and he quietly transitioned into an award-winning acoustic talent, with indefatigable vocal energy and guitar prowess. Each performance seems fresh, enhanced, and downright direct. In short, to fully appreciate this man's talent, you MUST see him live!

SAT APR 21 2018  8pm

Dedham, MA



Twice annually I feel gifted the opportunity to perform at this most excellent purveyor of bevs, vics and tunes. What remains the altruistic and philanthropic endeavor of Ray & Ali has also blossomed into a fine and viable contribution to the local economic aesthetic. Business the way business should be done. Love playing my heart out in this space for these people.

** Free admission, all ages, beer, wine and great eats. **
** 40+ beers 15+ wines, all available by the glass, or bottle. **

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SAT MAY 5 2018  8pm

Lowell, MA


Joel Cage In Concert
Autumnal Equinox Party   730pm
The Hearing Room
Grass Roots Art & Performance Center
Lowell, MA
TIX: $6 at the door.

All I can say is: this place is sweet! Beautiful, classic throwback to the days when music rooms were personal extensions of the folks who ran them. Havens for the wandering soul in search of a place to chill, sit in a comfy couch, bask in the attic-like ambience of a room full of stuff, all music and art related. You virtually cannot look in any direction without seeing something interesting. The setting this place has set is ideal for creating or appreciating the creative. It'll be a real treat to return. For anyone of you out there (I know you are~somewhere) interested in joints of this ilk, who would want to experience me 'n my tunes in what I consider my ideal setting, this is one of those places.. If you're in the area, Dew Drop In! If not, but are prone to the occasional road trip, this establishment is worth the ride. Places like this one ~ labors of genuine love ~ are rare these days, and only last for as long as public interest allows. Please show these peeps your support and help to spread an aesthetic so dearly needed in these tumultuous times.


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FRI AUG 10 2018   8pm

Parsonsfield, ME


The YURT Singer/Songwriter Series
Parsonsfield, Maine
Hosted by Back Country Excursions
8pm showtime.

Most pleased am I to have been invited back for an encore performance at this truly awesome place. Presented in the 'house concert milleu" , Your hosts, Mr Cliff and Ms Lyn, are two of the nicest folks you could ever hope to meet, and the people who gather here for these events are sure to reinstate one's faith in the inherent goodness of humanity.

Rare is the case that I would suggest anyone invest in a 'road trip' on my behalf, but if you've ever entertained the thought, this one is well worth the adventure.

Back Country Excursions hosts stay overnight mountain bike tours, and hence, there is a "Lodge" - so beautiful is this building.

Yurts can be cold, so if seasonal temps demand, the concert will be held in The Lodge - an equally and uniquely beautiful structure that will most assuredly be an optimum alternative setting for the gig.

I truly hope you will consider attending this one ~ if playing music as my life's endeavor could yield the introduction of you to these fine people and this exquisite place, I will consider it all worthwhile.

In case you didn't know:
yurt • /yərt/
a circular tent of felt or skins on a collapsible framework, used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey.

Yup ~ I'm playin' a concert in a yurt.

Tix are donations at the door.

Parsonsfield is the first town in Maine right after the NH border, neighboring on Freedom ~ nice part of the world.


Derry, NH

These people have become dear to me. In my many years as a performer, of all the places at which I have played, DRAE ranks way-high in the “all-time faves” category.

If it takes the movies to make a broad statement of that which we are all born knowing, then my hat's off too the writers of K-PAX who penned:

"Every being in the universe   knows right from wrong."

These folks are most definitely doing something right.

I play here, 7-10pm, twice monthly.

Make a plan to come visit these peeps ~ you shan't be disappointed!

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