JOEL CAGE In Concert
The Dedham Coffeehouse
(nee The Paradise Cafe), Dedham, MA

By on Oct 3, 2015

When I have a chance I'll ask my friend why he came in tonight.

I mean most of my friends are usually working on a Saturday night, or have been to so many concerts that the idea of sitting in a cafe drinking beer or wine and listening to some guy play guitar and sing songs, well they just don't think it'll do it for 'em.

The place filled-up early tonight, most took the seats toward the front, but some asked if they would be able to have a conversation if they sat in the back. We told them they would be fine; we didn't tell them that when Joel Cage plays, everyone moves forward.

It's just what he does, draws you in. One man, one voice, one sixty-something year old Gibson arch-top, a sonic landscape, and a bunch of amazing songs. The folks who came in to have a conversation gave up, (in good way) and moved forward by the end of the night. It's what he does, he draws you in.

When I finally had a chance to talk to my friend he was gone, gone closer, you can't help yourself. When I have a chance I'll ask my friend why he came in tonight, But I don't have to ask him why he moved forward.

Joel puts on a show you are sure you will never see again. Every time.